E-Committee Application Deadline

We are excited to announce that the Finance Society has opened its E-Committee application for Fall 2014! We would like to highlight the following benefits of being E-Committee members of the Finance Society:  
- E-Committee status, which is sent to recruiters
- Eligible to present the weekly 12:30 News market updates
- Eligible to write for newsletter and blog
- Access to Finance Society alumni and resources
- Mentorship from successful Stern seniors
Please note that this application is open to everyone, yet we value club participation in our selection process. If interested, please briefly answer the application form and send it along with your resume to finance.society@stern.nyu.edu

If selected, interviews will be held the following week. 

Please feel free to email the E-Committee Chairs with any questions: patrick.fong@stern.nyu.edu andvarun.sawhney@stern.nyu.edu