Tapingo Secures $22 Million in Series C

Tapingo, the app you probably use to skip the line in Starbucks, is a bit bigger than you may have imagined: on April 2nd they closed a Series C led by Qualcomm, DCM Ventures and more to bring total funding to $36 million. While the food startup space is competitive—with tens of food startups competing in a niche market—Tapingo takes a different twist on the space.

Instead of working with other restaurants (in most cases), it partners with college campuses and campus cafes to coordinate pick-up hubs where students can pick up their orders. Tapingo completes over 25,000 transactions per day, and these users aren’t idle either. The average user transacts over four times per week. Its not surprising to find that Tapingo has expanded from 24 to 85 campuses throughout the last year and projects to be on 200 campuses come 2016.

Looking forward, Tapingo’s potential certainly expands beyond skipping lines in Starbucks. Already, it allows students reserve a campus parking space and in the future it has considered expanding into food delivery and other on demand services that will find a way around lines that simply aren’t worth waiting.

-- Joshua Sakhai