Obama Acts on CyberSecurity

Cyber criminals are growing ever bolder and are becoming a prevalent problem. In months past, we have seen the likes of Sony and other major companies get attacked with disastrous consequences. Hackers broke into J.P Morgan Chase and stole information on over 80 million customer accounts. Sony Pictures was hacked and had some very scandalous leaks. The United States needed to put itself in a position to better defend its cyber assets.

Obama had stated that the cyber world is like "The Wild, Wild West" because of the increased threat posed by hackers. This past week, he decided to take action. Obama signed an executive order enabling the sharing of information on cyber security threats. This order will seek to improve the flow of information between the government and companies. It is another step in his effort to support the cyber defense proposals he outlined in his recent State of the Union speech.

Obama made sure to address public concerns that this information flow could be used against them, particularly because of the recent revelations of NSA spying. Some tech companies such as Google and Facebook, who were still wary of the government after the NSA incident, did not favor the move. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook, put his support behind Obama, stating that no one company should have the burden of improving cyber security on its own, and that cooperation was key. I believe that this order was a helpful move and will put the US in better position to defend against future attacks. There will be some privacy concerns over this cooperation between companies and government, but the alternative of a possible cyber attack is enough to quash those concerns. - William Zhou