Elon Musk, The Next Steve Jobs?

For the past couple of weeks many bold calls have been made. First there was the $19 billion dollar purchase of Whatsapp by Facebook and now, just yesterday, Tesla surges 19 percent after a Morgan Stanley analyst report. Reported by Adam Jonas, "Tesla's shares could more than double from their already lofty level." This would level off the market value of Tesla to be greater than the $60 billion dollar value of General Motors.

The Silicon Valley billionaire, man behind Paypal, product architect by Tesla luxury electric sports car and SpaceX, Elon Musk is also chairman of SolarCity. Up in value by almost 300 percent from the past year, SolarCity, the biggest installer of residential solar systems in the United States, has now just launched "an eye-catching combination " of "battery packs for Tesla cars that store electricity from solar panels." Renewable energy and its efficiency has been the eye for long-term growth and profit.

Like in most cases, the problem about implementing the product and the plan requires ridiculous sums of money. Thus so, the system is aimed at cutting growing energy cost whilst still using U.S. energy subsidiaries. Even so, the battery packs can lower demand charges by providing the power needed when demand peaks as well as serving as a back-up generator for the ageing U.S. electricity grid.

With Tesla and SolarCity rising high with hopes in their source of renewable electricity utility, their continued growth seems almost limitless. At the same time though it could always crash, fail, and be a market abomination.