Apple faces a $2 billion lawsuit from IPCom

Apple faces $2 billion law suite from IPCom, a German patent-holding firm that alleges the technology giant infringed on a cellphone technology. A spokesperson from the company, backed by U.S fund manager Fortress Investments Group LLC, said that the suit only covers infringements within Germany and hasn't discussed further suits in other countries.

IPCom accuses Apple of using patents that gives emergency call priority on mobile networks, a patent that had purchased in 2007 from Robert Bosch GmbH, an automotive parts company that pioneered the car phone.

This request comes at a time when the European Patent Office rejected several patents from Apple, Nokia, HTC and other major smartphone providers. IPCom itself has plans of suing companies for alleged patent infringements including Nokia.

While some critics believe that companies like IPCom hamper product development through frivolous patents that are tactics to raise royalties, other see them as promoting innovation by buying patents.