Terrorism in Canada

Shocking events occurred today as the Canadian caapital of Ottawa experienced a shooting incident where a gunman fatally shot a soldier on guard at the National War Memorial and then proceeded to enter into the Parliament. The shooter was Michael Zehaf- Bibeau, a Canadian born in 1982. The motive for the shooting is unknown. However, Michael did have a series of drug offenses before he converted to Islam. Sergeant at Arms, Kevin Vickers was able to take down the shooter before any other damage was done.

This is the second assault on Canadian law enforcement and officials this week. Just Monday, a man killed a Canadian soldier with his car. However, there has not been any evidence that the attack Monday is related to the attack today. As a response to these attacks, the North American Aerospace Defense command (NORAD) has increased its alert posture and Canada has increased its terrorism alert.

These events of terrorism in Canada have shown that no nation is safe from radical terrorists and that there may even be an increase in terrorism stemming from domestic citizens and native-born citizens. This may be related to the rise of ISIS and the Islamic state which has seemingly declared war on most western nations and with the declaration of war on China by Al-Qaeda, almost everyone.

Now it’s impossible to say that the Islamic State actually has planned organized attacks in nations across the world, but it is also possible in the near future that we may see an increase in terrorism due to the actions of ISIS and the Islamic State. In response, we could also see an increase in the security measures taken by US law enforcement officials across the nation that would restrict freedoms and limit rights.

-Kevin Tsao