The American Dream: Getting HBO Without Other Terrible Channels

Comcast recently announced a new cable internet package that comes bundled with basic cable, video on demand, and HBO with HBO Go. Called Internet Plus, this new bundle will start at $40-50 for the first year, and is aimed at Internet users who don't want the hundreds of channels offered in premium cable subscriptions, but who still want access to the exclusive content of HBO.

As a poor college student that gave up the luxury of cable television by the time freshmen year started, this move is a dream come true. HBO was missing out on a massive audience base by limiting HBO Go to only HBO subscribers; a large segment of consumers were priced out by expensive premium cable, instead opting to use Netflix or Hulu as their main method of viewing content. There is a reason that Game of Thrones is the most pirated show on television, and preventing non-television subscribers from accessing HBO Go has to do with it.

In my opinion, this new Internet Plus bundle offered by Comcast makes the company the cable operator to beat. Currently, I pay about $45/month for Time Warner Broadband Internet, their cheapest broadband plan in NYC. Even at the basic cable broadband level, I'd be getting the same broadband speed, HBO Go, and VOD for a negligible increase in price with the Comcast Internet Plus deal.

Variety reported that other cable operators such as Time Warner and ATT are also experimenting with a subscription similar to Comcast's Internet Plus bundle, but no concrete information on pricing or availability has been announced. In the meantime, to all you lucky people with Comcast servicing your areas, bundle up with some Game of Thrones for the winter.

-Aureen Sarker (HBO Go)