Market Shrugs at iPad Refresh

At a press event in San Francisco, California, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, revealed two new iPad models, along with two new Mac computers and a new Mac operating system.

Just in time for holiday shopping, Apple will be selling a new high definition version of its entry level iPad Mini, in addition to a lighter and faster version of its flagship iPad, now called iPad Air. Apple did, however, up the price on it’s cheaper iPad Mini model, which may cut into some sales.

The computers Apple introduced today are geared mostly towards professionals, with the new Mac Pro desktop starting at $3,000. Apple’s new tablets were the focus of today’s event, however, as Apple vies to regain its rougly 20% marketshare loss from a year ago.

Perhaps the most unusual announcement at Apple’s event was that they will be providing their new operating system, OS X Mavericks, free of charge. In a competitive landscape where Microsoft charges between $100 to $200 for their operating systems, Apple could be attempting to win over users who can’t decide between purchasing a Mac or PC. Some analysts view this move as inconsequential, though, as PC manufacturers often absorb much of the cost of the operating system that they themselves get at a steep discount, and since Apple doesn’t license out its operating system to third parties, the price cut won’t attract any manufacturers to make computers running Mac OS X instead of Microsoft Windows.

The market reacted mildly to the press conference today, with Apple down just under a third of a percent at closing.

Mitch Lagrasta