Career Lessons from Breaking Bad

AMC's Breaking Bad ended with a bang last Sunday, leaving viewers generally content and definitely shell shocked. Though the ride is over, we can finally look back at the series and reflect on how we can learn from both Heisenberg's victories and mistakes. How can a meth kingpin help you and your future careers? Here are some takeaways :

1. Be hard to replace : Find a specific skill set and make sure you are good enough that nobody can quickly take your place. Whether it be modeling, analysis, writing, communication, or even a certain product with a 99.1% purity, having a specific niche or strength can ensure job security. Just try not to kill fellow associates to eliminate competition.

2. Associate with the right people : If you are the smartest person in the room, you're in the wrong room. Surround yourself with people who you believe can bring out the best in you. Doing business with a high school dropout and drug addict will certainly lead to complications in the future, as Walt found out. Gus, on the other hand, was very strict on who he dealt business with. Only those who met his criteria and who had a low risk profile were considered. The moment he made an exception ultimately led to his downfall.

3. Be genuine : Walt has been manipulating Jesse for the entirety of the show. From poisoning Brock to letting his girlfriend die, he repeatedly lies to him. Had Walt just tried to be honest, Jesse would not have gone to the DEA, Hank would still be alive, and many of this season's shockers would probably not have happened, perhaps to the dismay of the audience. In order to foster relationships in the future, being genuine and caring for the interests of others will go a long way.

4. Always be the one who knocks

- Jesse Chai